• Its FREE – No sign up, no nothing, just cooking!
  • A start at the top, work your way down recipe format, no more up, down, up, down with your eyes while cooking
  • Optimized for phones, tablets, laptops, also print friendly versions available
  • All recipes have at least 50 reviews with average ratings of 4.5 stars or above from sites across the net
  • Section toggles to keep your place as you cook

What is this?
This is an attempt to approach cooking in a manner which puts more emphasis on the recipe format and its utility in cooking. I believe the recipe format has a huge impact on the degree of difficulty of any dish. I believe this makes recipes easier to follow, and allows people to cook more “difficult” recipes with less effort.

The goal is for the eye never to go back up the page. You start at the top, and you read down, step by step. You do not need to read the recipe before you cook, you can just grab the ingredient list, go buy the items needed, and start at the top of the recipe and work down. My other goal is to not get lost in the recipe while cooking, so I have created little “section marks” that you can toggle as you go down the recipe. This way, if your device goes to sleep, or you need to step away to go cook something, you can come back and know exactly where you left off in the recipe.