How do I make my device stay “awake” while I am cooking?
I hate it when my phone goes to auto-lock (sleeps) when I am cooking. Here are a few devices and how to extend their auto-lock times
Iphone, Ipad, Ipod
Windows Phone

Have you cooked all of these recipes on this site?
Not neccessarily. Most of them yes, but some no. I choose recipes based on their average ratings, so effectively I pick recipes that people have judged as “great”. I feel that’s good enough, plus just because I do or do not like something shouldn’t exclude it. If many people like something, who am I to say it is bad (and if it was bad, it probably isn’t the recipes fault, its probably my not-so-perfect cooking).

How come most of the recipes don’t have photos?
I am working on that, I forget to take them after I cook sometimes, trying to get better at that. If you take a photo of one of the recipes and want to give it to me to post, I would appreciate it!